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Malcolm Jolley, Founding Editor, Good Food Revolution
Claudia Bianchi, Culinary Producer and Food Stylist
Jennifer Bain, Cookbook Author, Food Writer
2013  Anne Desbrisay, Writer, Author, Restaurant Reviewer and Food Critic
 2012  Jody Dunn, Editor and Marketing Manager, Food & Drink Magazine
 2011  Karen Gelbart, Food Television
David Kent, President Harper Collins Canada
2009  Rose Murray, Food Writer and Author
2008  Natalie MacLean, Wine Writer, Nat Decants
2007  Monda Rosenberg, Food/Nutrition Editor, Chatelaine
2006  Dorothy Duncan, Food Historian and Writer
2005  Lucy Waverman, Freelance Writer, Cookbook Author
2004  Donna Dooher, Owner, Mildred Pierce Restaurants and the Cookworks
2003  Alison Fryer, General Manager, The Cookbook Store
2002  Joanne Kates, Dining-Out Reviewer, The Globe & Mail
2001  Steven and Colleen Isherwood, Ontario Restaurant News, Ishcom Publications
2000  David Lawrason, Editor-in-Chief and Founder, Wine Access Magazine
1999  Elizabth Baird, Food Writer and Director of Food and Nutrition, Canadian Living
1998  * Joseph R. W. Hoare, Food Writer, Toronto Life (posthumously)
1997  John Allemang, Food & Wine Writer, The Globe & Mail
1996  Bonnie Stern, Food Columnist, Radio and TV Commentator
1994  James Chatto, Food & Wine Writer and Author
1992  Tony Aspler, Wine Writer, Author and Consultant
1991  * Jeremy Brown, Broadcaster and Life-Style Commentator
1990  Rosanna Caira, Editor, Food Service & Hospitality
1988  Mary McGrath, Food Writer, Toronto Star
  * Deceased