Fred's Bread, Andrea Damon Gibson, Owner; Steve Gibson, Owner
Gordon Food Service - Dean Noble, President
Lynn Siegal, Hilite Fine Foods Inc.
2013  Hart Melvin, Founder, Gelato Fresco Inc.
2012  Stephan J. Shamie, Managing Partner, Hicks Morley
2011  Fatos Pristine, Owner, Cheese Boutique
Ontario Food Terminal
2009  Paul, Matthew and Daniel Speck, Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery
2008  Stephen Alexander, Owner, Cumbrae's
2007  Dufflet Rosenberg, CEO, Dufflet Pastries
2006  Paul Higgins Jr & Micheal Higgins, Co-CEOs, Mother Parkers Tea & Coffeee Inc.
2005  Steven Campbell, Director - Grand Fromage, Lifford Wine Agency
2004  Ryan R. Pennie, Vice President, Canadian Division Unilever Foodsolutions
2003  Nadine, Jean-Marc & Marc Ridel, Owners, La Ferme Black Game Farm Inc.
2002  David Cohlemeyer, Owner, Cookstown Greens
2001  Michael Fagan, Manager, Product Knowledge Group, LCBO
2000  Joyce Reynolds, Sr. Director, Government Affairs CRFA
1999  Linda Haynes & Martin Connell, Ace Bakery
1998  Frank Heaps, Director, Upper Canada Brewery
1997  * Brian A. Kirkwood, President, Kirkwood Agencies
1996  Keith Conklin, President and C.E.O., Nestlé Canada Inc.