Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers

Geoff Dillon
Proprietor and Distiller

Geoff’s early fascination for spirits was highly influence by his father’s passion for fine spirits. With honours in a double major in biology and economics, Geoff educated himself in the art of distilling by training in Scotland and in the USA. Returning to Canada Geoff found the bounty of natural botanicals, herbs, fruit, wineries and open spaces in the Niagara region to be an ideal area for Dillon’s to play a role in the amazing microcosm. Beginning with the local ingredients from farmers and wineries who use healthy and responsible practices in the best of soils, to using stills that are radically different from the norm, Dillon’s honest and open philosophy provides on each label not only a list of all the ingredients used but where they come from as well. This has set a solid foundation for Dillon’s to achieve the goal of this award winning distiller which is – “to restore yours, and the world’s, respect for Canadian distilling. That’s all.”