Since having opened its first location in
Toronto in 2007, Aroma Espresso Bar has
grown to 45 locations not only in Toronto
but in locations all across Southern and
Western Ontario. The key player in this
expansion since its first opening has been
it’s Managing Partner, Anat Davidzon.

Ms. Davidzon’s vision that a local café
should be more than just a place to get
your morning coffee, it should be a place
for social gathering, for connectedness,
for communal activities and of course for
the enjoyment of superior Italian-blended
coffee, freshly baked breads and pastries,
in house prepared salads and gourmet
sandwiches which all together in joyous
harmony has resulted in Anat’s and Aroma’s
much deserved success.

Knowing that it takes more than just a great
product or service to succeed, Aroma and
Anat are also proud promoters of social
awareness with a focus on sustainability,
advancement of all persons including those
with disabilities and take their social
responsibility seriously.